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Who can take this course?

  • Students
  • Traders/ Investors
  • Dealers
  • Businessmen & Women
  • Employees Working In Stock Market And Financial Fields
  • In fact, anyone who is passionate about share market.

Experience is not necessary. Even if you have never bought a stock before, you will learn the best way to trade and invest in the stock market with as little risk as possible.

A Complete Intraday Trader (Offline Session) 

Course Objective

Many people have misconception that money cannot be made in intraday (in a day) but the best opportunity always starts with a small time frame. We have come up with a unique methodology to intraday trading. It covers stock selection, entry, exit and stop loss.


Challenge - Time To Create A Powerful Trading System With Proven Knowledge

Need To Learn - Learn How To Trade Robust Trade With Full Of Confidence

Course Topic -

  • Trading Setup Sequencing
  • Set Of Rules
  • Expectation Vs. Logical Expectation
  • Result & Rechecking
  • Record Printing
  • Self FAQ
  • Priority
  • Final Vision


Challenge - Prepare Your Trades Before Opening The Market

Need To Learn - Learn How To Catch Direction Of Stocks Before Opening The Market

Course Topic -

  • Stocks Selection & Tools
  • Indices & Sectorial Indices
  • Immediate S/R
  • Weak Vs. Potential Pattern
  • Key Level Drawing & Implementation
  • Time Frame Synchronization
  • Statistics Approach & Inverse Trade
  • Mother Candle & Volatility


Challenge - Understand The Game Of Line, Correlate Lines With Trend's Pace

Need To Learn - How To Use Spot Volume & Understand Trading Psychology

Course Topic -

  • Power Of Horizontal Lines
  • Support & Resistance Zone
  • Implementation Of S/R Lines & Zones
  • Flexible Area
  • Fake Vs. Potential Breakout
  • Live Practice In Real Time Market
  • Price Action + S/R Lines + Zones
  • Assignment For Highest Accuracy


Challenge - Empower Your Trades With Multi confirmation

Need To Learn - Learn How To Review Trades In Real Time Market With Technical Tools

Course Topic -

  • What Is Trend line ?
  • Right To Left Implementation
  • Intersection Point
  • Advance Setup Of Channel
  • Types Of Channel & Implementation
  • Breakout & Entry
  • Live Practice In Real Time Market
  • Assignment For Highest Accuracy


Challenge - Protect Your Capital Before Thinking About Profits

Need To Learn - How To Protect Existing Hard Earned Money From Huge Losses

Course Topic -

  • What is Arm?
  • Importance of Arm
  • Probability Vs. Certainty
  • Capital Protection + Risk Minimization
  • Arm Implementation
  • Know About Your Trading Setup
  • Risk To Reward Ratio
  • Stop-Loss Management


Challenge - Capture Your Trade Before Momentum Explosion

Need To Learn - Proven Price Action Method For Generating Consistent Result

Course Topic -

  • Language Of Stock Market
  • Adjusted Candlestick Pattern
  • Adjusted CP Implementation
  • 1.2% Rule
  • Accurate Entry & Exit
  • Pattern Activation & Deactivation
  • Live Practice In Real Time Market
  • Assignment For Highest Accuracy

Course Duration: 2 Days (offline)

Offer Course Fee: Rs. 48,999/- (Limited period offer)

Regular Price: Rs. 108,000/-

* Plan your travel according to government guidelines.

*In case of new updates in the guidelines from the government then only the seminar will be rescheduled.

*Read all the details carefully before doing the payment once payment is done there will be no refund, for more Information refer cancellation policy.

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